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Introduction to Vi



vi (pronounced ``vee eye'') is really the only editor you can find at almost every Unix installation. It was originally written at the University of California at Berkeley  and versions can be found it almost every vendor's edition of Unix, including . It is initially somewhat hard to get used to, but it has many powerful features. In general, we suggest that a new user learn Emacs , which is generally easier to use. However, people who will use more than one platform or find they dislike Emacs may want to try to learn vi.

A brief historical view of vi is necessary to understand how the key tex2html_wrap8474 can mean move cursor up one line and why there are three different modes of use. If you are itchy to learn the editor, then the two tutorials will guide you from being a raw beginner, through to having enough knowledge of the command set you are ever likely to need. The chapter also incorporates a command guide, which makes a useful reference to keep by the terminal.

Even if vi does not become your regular text editor, the knowledge of its use is not wasted. It is almost certain that the Unix system you are using will have some variant of the vi editor. It may be necessary to use vi while installing another editor, such as Emacs. Many Unix tools, applications and games use a subset of the vi command set.

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