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Linux development has split into two different branches. The first, signified with version numbers starting with ``1.0'' is supposed to be a more stable, dependable version of Linux. The second, signified with versions numbered ``1.1'' is a more daring, quicker developing and therefore (unfortunately) more buggy version of Linux.

The items changing the fastest in Linux right now are TCP/IP  supportgif and bug fixesbug. Linux is a large system and unfortunately contains bugs which are found and then fixed. Although some people still experience bugs regularly, it is normally because of non-standard or faulty hardware; bugs that effect everyone are few and far between.

Of course, those are just the kernel bugs. Bugs can be present in almost every facet of the system, and inexperienced users have trouble seperating different programs from each other. For instance, a problem might arise that all the characters are some type of gibberish--is it a bug or a ``feature''? Surprisingly, this is a feature--the gibberish is caused by certain control sequences that somehow appearedgif. Hopefully, this book will help you to tell the different situations apart.

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