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Moving Windows

Another very configurable thing in X is how to move windows around. In my personal configuration of twm, there are three different ways of moving windows around. The most obvious method is to move the mouse cursor onto the title bartitle bar and drag the window around the screen. Unfortunately, this may be done with any of the left, right, or middle buttonsgif. (To drag, move the cursor above the title bar, and hold down on the buttons while moving the mouse.)

Another way of moving windows may be holding down a key while dragging the mouse. For instance, in my configuration, if I hold down the tex2html_wrap8282 key, move the cursor above a window, I can drag the window around.

Again, you may be able to understand how the window manager is configured by trial and error, or by seeing local documentation. Additionally, if you want to try to interpret the window manager's configuration file, see Section gif for twm  or Section gif for fvwm .

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