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Getting Started Quickly in X


-0.55in If all you're interesting in is editing a few files quickly, an X user doesn't have to go much further beyond the menus at the top of the screen:

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These menus are not available in text mode.

When you first start Emacs, there will be four menus at the top of the screen: Buffers, File, Edit, and Help. To use a menu, simply move the mouse pointer over the name (like File, click and hold down on the left button. Then, move the pointer to the action you want and release the mouse button. If you change your mind, move the mouse pointer away from the menu and release the button.

The Buffers menu lists the different files you've been editing in this incarnation of Emacs.The File menu shows a bunch of commands for loading and saving files--many of them will be described later. The Edit menu displays some commands for editing one buffer, and the Help menu should hopefully give on-line documentation.

You'll notice keyboard equivalents are listed next to the choices in the menu. Since, in the long run, they'll be quicker, you might want to learn them. Also, for better or for worse, most of Emacs's functionality is only available through the keyboard--you might want to read the rest of this chapter.

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