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Ending an Editing Session

When you are done with your work in Emacs, make sure that all buffers are saved that should be saved, and exit Emacs with C-x C-c. Sometimes C-x C-c will ask you a question or two in the minibuffer before it lets you leave--don't be alarmed, just answer them in the obvious ways. If you think that you might be returning to Emacs later, don't use C-x C-c at all; use C-z, which will suspend Emacs. You can return to it with the shell command `` fg'' later. This is more efficient than stopping and starting Emacs multiple times, especially if you have edit the same files again later.


-0.55in Under X, hitting C-z will merely iconize the window. See the section on iconization in Chapter gif. This gives you two ways of iconizing Emacs--the normal way your window manager offers, and C-z. Remember, when you iconize, a simply fg won't bring the window back--you'll have to use your window manager.

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